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Therapy for Therapist

Welcome to a therapeutic space crafted exclusively for therapists of color who are dedicated to supporting and empowering clients. As a therapist specializing in assisting fellow therapists, I understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with this important role. Here's a glimpse into the values I prioritize:



Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our therapeutic journey. I recognize the sacred trust that therapists place in their colleagues. Rest assured, our interactions are safeguarded with the utmost privacy and respect. This commitment ensures a secure space where you can freely explore personal and professional challenges without reservation.


Burnout Prevention

In the demanding field of therapy, burnout is a pervasive concern. Through my tailored approach, I provide guidance on sustainable self-care practices, stress management, and the cultivation of a healthy work-life balance. Together, we navigate the complexities of your personal and professional life, fostering resilience to combat burnout and promoting long-term well-being.



Objectivity is pivotal in our work as therapists, especially when dealing with the emotional intricacies of our own lives and those of our clients. In our sessions, I offer a space where you can explore personal biases, reflect on countertransference, and enhance your ability to maintain professional objectivity. This process facilitates personal growth and subsequently  enriches your therapeutic practice.


Professional Growth Through Personal Experience

Recognizing the importance of therapists experiencing therapy themselves, embracing the wisdom gained from being on the other side of the therapeutic relationship, I guide you through a reflective journey that enhances your empathy, self-awareness, and overall effectiveness as a therapist.


Embracing the Therapist's Journey

Our work is shaped by the understanding that therapists, just like their clients, deserve to have the opportunity to undergo a transformative journey. As a therapist, we can often suffer in isolation. I seek to work with you to facilitate an environment where you can explore your own vulnerabilities, challenges, and triumphs. This self-discovery not only strengthens your professional skills but also enriches your capacity for empathy and connection with clients.


Tailored Support for Therapists of Color

Being a therapist of color comes with its unique set of experiences and perspectives. I am committed to addressing the intersectionality of your identity, providing nuanced support that acknowledges and celebrates the richness of diversity within the therapeutic community.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and resilience as you navigate the complexities of being a therapist for BIPOC clients. Together, we cultivate a space that values confidentiality, burnout prevention, and objectivity, ensuring your well-being and enhancing your capacity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those you serve.

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