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Individual Psychotherapy

You say to yourself…
“I’m the person that people always seek for help. I shouldn’t need anyone else to help me.”
“I have the tools; I shouldn’t need a therapist.”
“All my life, I’ve taken care of everything. I should easily take care of myself.”
However, taking care of yourself feels like a struggle and something you no longer have the time or capacity to accomplish.

Have you been told...You should be grateful for what you have??

If you express any emotions other than happiness, then you’re angry and have illicit fear.
So, you hide your feelings, smile, ‘grin and bear it’ because you have so much to give thanks for in your life.
And still, there’s so much pain.
You’re struggling with reality.
You’ve internalized all these beliefs and recognize that you’re unsure how much longer you can survive at this pace.
Take the cape off here – be yourself and not superwoman. Individual therapy provides time and space dedicated solely to YOU.
Your family and loved ones need you because you hold everything together.
And you need a space just for yourself because of all that.
Having that space is not selfish.

Now is the time to heal, move past limiting beliefs, and gain a deeper understanding of why you don’t feel good enough in your life.

Start the journey today. Begin the process of healing from within.

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